About me

Hi! My name is Ivan Bunin and I keen on design! I am 19 y/o student from Ukraine. I study in Poland upper school, and preparing my self to university life! 


 I started my design career three years ago. In the begining I was just artist - I was drawing portrets and comics. But later i realised that i can earn money on this, and i started making logos for local firms. Few months later I started to work as freelancer on different web sites. I worked with USA, German, Ukraine, Russian, Canadian, Arabic, New Zealand, Great Britain clients. Now I work mostly with handlettering and calligraphy projects.

 I make: logos in different styles like handlettering, flat design, minialism logos etc.; landing pages design in photoshop or muse; photo editing; 

 So, if I can help you - just contact me, and we will start working on your project immediatly! :)

Adobe Illustrator

 I have been working with Illustrator (vector graphic) for more then 3 years. I have done around 500 illustrations, logos, icons, brouchures etc.. 

Adobe Photoshop

Do you have any photo which you want to retouche? So, just contact me. I promise that it will be much better then you expected! Or maybe You need a web site to be designed? I can do it!

Adobe Muse

Adobe Muse is the best program for creating landing pages, and in good hands it`s magic wand! I am a wizard :)